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Rabbi Levi Teldon

Rabbi Levi Teldon was born and raised in a Chabad family on Long Island. At the age of 14, he was lovingly shipped off to study at Yeshivas (rabbinic academies) on two continents and Detroit, and wisely chose to become a rabbi at the age of 23.

A born-again Texan, he teaches and directs programming for the past ten years at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning in San Antonio with his wife Rochel, and is the co-founder of Young & Jewish San Antonio. He also launched an annual TENTalks event, where members of the Jewish community share their personal stories.

Rabbi Teldon is a published author, screenwriter, app developer, guitarist and stand-up comic—all in his own head.

He and his wife are blessed with seven precious children, and one beloved coffee maker.

In between band-aids and dentist appointments, he enjoys reading, graphic design, studying Torah, video production, long road trips, and gluten free pizza.

Follow his musings @alamorabbi.

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