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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

November 5, 2018

Some thoughts and lessons learned as I head home from the international conference of Chabad rabbis, in no particular order:

•Sleep is for wimps.

•True friends don't need goodbyes, and can pick up a l'chaim a year later.

•Long bus rides create new friendships; new friendships create shorter bus rides.

•People are amazing.

•Jewish leadership is not a right. It is an obligation. Lead.

•1 lb Kosher hamburgers taste best at 1:30am.

•Be a mentsch first. Then talk.

•"The Three Fs": Fair, Fun, and Failure, do not exist in Biblical Hebrew

•A good speech is a hit-or-miss. A kernel of wisdom can be packaged for any crowd.

•You're an original, a heavenly masterpiece. Shine you.

•Dance with 5000 rabbis like 5000 rabbis aren't watching you, cuz they're not.

•Dark times clouds our thoughts with cynicism, victimhood, and resentment. The soul sees transparently-- "Duh, *I* am purposefully being sent *here* as a divine ambassador to create light!"

•If it's a calling, things are balling.

•There are Chabad couples serving in countries I've never heard of. I stand in complete awe of them.

•Note to self: Jewish children's books, cds, DVDs, toys and donuts require bigger suitcase.

•There are real people all over the world who would drop *everything* to help me, my family, and you and your family, in a time of need.

•Buildings-- even programs and activities-- can't guarantee lasting community. Intrinsically dedicated leaders can.

•You never know how far one hug, or one kind word, can go. Make it a habit.

•Behind every successful Chabad rebbetzin stands a Chabad rabbi.

•The greatest paralysis is loneliness. The greatest motivation is togetherness.

•Boundless energy is a gift. And it's something we all have inside of us. It flows from studying Torah and doing a Mitzvah and is available 24/7.

•Inspiration is meaningless unless it translates to action. Will I?

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